Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Stash Report 2015, Week 34

Although it probably wasn't the best timing, I took a week off and went to Alberta! Now that I'm back, I have to put all my efforts into job-hunting once again.  I think it's time to find my bliss...
While traveling, I made a few stops to pick up some Row-by-Row patterns:

From Chinook Fabrics in High River, Alberta
   My best friend, Nancy and I have been friends since just after high school and she recently moved back to Alberta from Manitoba, so I couldn't miss the chance to see her again. She is one of those friends that visiting her is just like we last saw each other yesterday, even though it's been about 5 years.

Of course, you can't just get the free pattern without looking around.  Nancy loves the old school Christmas characters and bought the panel with the idea that I could make her placemats, which I agreed to do. I also picked up 3 fat quarters of the exclusive Row-by-Row fabric, just because I loved the colour.
After a stop to visit my new great-niece Eloise in Calgary, I headed back through the Rockies!
It's hard to take pictures when you are the only one in the car, but I love this shot!

from Sugar Pine Quilts in Canmore, AB
My niece got married in Canmore a few years ago, so I had to stop back at Sugar Pines Quilts. This shop is known for its landscape kits of local scenery and their Row-To-Row didn't disappoint!  It shows the local mountains, the Three Sisters, and local wildlife!  I had to buy the kit (mainly because I don't want to do that intricate cutting).
Their other offerings didn't disappoint. Due to getting a layoff notice, I didn't buy as much as I would have liked, but I did get a few neutral fat quarters, some quilt labels (from the new Sweetwater line, Holly's quilt farm) and a bag of scraps for just $5.00 (approx. 1.5 metres).
I tried to find the quilt shop in Salmon Arm, but due to get a bulge in my tire and having to stop to get that replaced (ouch), I got all turned around and couldn't find it.  Finally I was on the road again and stopped in Kamloops at Katja's Quilt Shop.

I also bought this kit. The colours in the kit are a bit lighter, plus I might add my row-by-row fabric to brighten it up a bit more. 

Katje's the author of the New Hexagon, and is hosting The New Hexagon Millifiore Quilt-a-long.  I didn't realize until I got home that Katje helped me in the store.  I wish I had asked her to autograph my book. I also got 2 metres of Sweetwater's Church Cookbook fabric. 

So now that I am home again, I've added up my purchases. 
Added: 6.6 metres

Added Year to Date: 26.35 metres 
Used/Given away: 0 metres
Used/Given away Year to Date: -21.0
Added for 2015: 5.35
I'm now officially in the red for 2015, but I have plans to start knocking out the Christmas pillowcases this week and those numbers should be back in the positive soon. I also have some projects and patterns mulling in my head that I need to start working on. Remember that bliss I mentioned - I'm really being drawn in that direction.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Yesterday's 15 minutes

I did my mandatory (to me) 15 minutes in the sewing room again yesterday, and it turned into 2 hours.  I grabbed the first thing I saw, and finished up this future cushion cover flimsy:

The block started out as "Idaho Square Dance" from Quiltmaker's Addicted to Scraps column (a Bonnie Hunter column) and it just grew to use up the 1/2 pack of a charm pack I received from the quilt guild I belong to. Unfortunately, I don't have any left (unless you count about 5 1" squares in the Omigosh quilt bin), so I'll have to figure out something for the backing.
I'm going to quilt it with "organic" straight lines (fancy way of saying I'm not stressing if they aren't straight and evenly-spaced), then I'll finish it up and put it away for a Christmas present.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Stash Report, Week 31

I went into the sewing room today for 15 minutes and spent over 4 hours in there! Besides doing some cleaning and organizing, I finished a dress for baby Mya:

I made it a little shorter, because she is finally crawling!  She's almost 10 months now.
I added a vintage button from my mom's collection to disguise the fact that I didn't have the neckline even at the back!
And although I didn't a picture, my grandson just "had" to have stuffed starfish for his upcoming vacation, so I made two of them (one for my older granddaughter as well) so they could have hugs from Gramma at the cabin!  (Both families are going)
So, 1 1/2 metres out!  But....
this week's the hens came home to roost.
My package arrived from Ozark Fabrics.  The best thing about ordering from Tonya is that she will wait until you have a full envelope or box, and then ship it!  That means I can buy what tickles my fancy, but not pay shipping for every item.  It is a closed group on Facebook, but I highly recommend it for quality fabrics, great prices and a unique shipping method.
The bottom fabric is 7 yards of "Color Me" fabric - to make pillowcases for all the boys this Christmas. There was actually enough to make 9, and I only need 7 so I gave enough for 2 to my friend and co-worker. I still have 4 yard of "girl" fabric coming - it was on backorder.
The quatrefoil fabrics are for Christmas projects as well.  Good thing I got them now, because I got a layoff notice and I'll be looking for work to start in September.

I also got these various 1/2 yd and fat quarter pieces, plus my co-worker gave me the Scrabble board fabric!  More Christmas present sewing in my future!
So the totals are:
Added: 15.75 metres
Added Year to Date: 19.75 metres 
Used/Given away: 3.0 metres
Used/Given away Year to Date: -21.0
Added for 2015: -1.25

I'm still in the negative, but barely.  I better start kicking out some more finishes!  I have a ton of quilting to do, and hope to tackle some of those tops this week.

It's been too long...

I've been really slacking off on my blog and also my sewing!  So I'm going to try and get in the sewing room for at least 15 minutes a day, then post about it.  Today, I actually spent a couple of hours in there, cutting down scraps into usable sizes, then made a few Wild 'n Goosey block units and a crumb block. Yay, me!
5" squares, 2 1/2" strips and blocks, 2"  & 1 1/2" strips and HST in a variety of sizes
5" strips of novelty prints for I-Spy quilts

Colour's not true - it's after 11 p.m.  I love these little 3 1/2" blocks.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

SCORE and Sunday Stash Report, Week 27

Yesterday I went garage-saleing for the first time in a few years, at not since I started my vintage sewing machine addiction.  At the first stop, I scored all of this!

(Ruffler, binding foot, pintucker and seam guide plus extras)
 Cost: FREE! The seller had sold an old machine that needed work, and these fell out of one of the drawers when they were loading it up.  The buyer didn't want them, so the seller had put them in the trash.  When I asked if she had any sewing machine accessories for sale,  she said she just thrown some out, I asked if I could see them. We literally dug through the trash!

And at the second stop, these!

Total cost: $6.00  Both the buttonhole attachment (it was complete) and the circular stitcher will work on my 1947 Singer Featherweight and my 201 (once it's up and running).  I'm going to play with these and post more about them another day.
On to my stash enhancements:
These colours are not accurate, but it is too hot to go out for good pictures, and besides the grass is all dead anyway, so it would make for a lousy background.  The pindot is a dark aqua and the large polka-dot has a black background.  I was introduced to a new-to-me store near my work that is like a wholesaler.  Prices were amazing at $6-12 a metre for quilt-shop quality (min. cut 1 metre), but even better they offer a 2 for 1 pricing, so you pay the same for 2 metres as you do for one metre.  My friend and I spilt the cost and ended up with a metre each!  Unfortunately, they don't sell online.
Added: 3 metres
Added Year to Date: 4 metres 
I also found out one of my friends recently started quilting, so I invited her over to pick through my stash for her next project (a wall hanging).  She chose these colours, so I gave her a fat quarter of each (that's all she wanted!)
Used/Given away: 2.0 metres

 Used/Given away Year to Date: 22 metres
Added for 2015: -18.0 metres
All the fabric I have given away this year has helped me stay in the negative.  Good thing, because I don't seem to be sewing much! It's been too bloody hot! I really miss my basement sewing room this year!
Here on the West Coast, we have been breaking 100+ year-old records.
It was over 40c (104F) in the shade on Canada Day! What a switch-around in the weather the last couple of years - usually it's us on the West Coast that is waiting for summer to start until mid-July. Instead, this year, it seems like it is everybody east of the Rockies.  The downside is the number of forest fires starting daily is crazy - the last week has averaged 30-35 a day. 
In the morning, my kids and grandkids, some of their friends and I went on a hike.
I am so proud of myself.  I climbed this mountain trail...
...up to this lake (Lindeman Lake, near Chilliwack, BC).  I haven't done it in over 30 years, and after having knee problems two years ago, I thought I would never get to do it again.  My knees never bothered me at all (although my butt cheeks were sore the next day ;o) and I plan on doing more hiking this summer.
After, we spent the afternoon in my daughter's pool, where some of us (1) got to cool off in the best way! (Although it looks sunny, my daughter has a UV shade drawn to protect her).  She is sitting on a quilt my mother-in-law made and gifted to me when the kids were babies - proof a quilt doesn't have to be made from quilt-shop fabrics to be enjoyed and loved.
Mya is eight months old and starting to move, but isn't crawling yet.  She'll sit like this for hours, but as soon as your back is turned she'll bum-scoot off the blankets.  My daughter says she's watched too much Doctor Who when she was pregnant, and Mya is like one of the Weeping Angels that only move when you turn your back!
Hope you all are enjoying your summer so far.  If it's hot where you are, stay cool and careful not to start any fires.  If it has been raining where you are, I hope you see a change soon.
For more stash reports and goings-on, check out Judy's Stash Report linky at
Terri in BC

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Stash Report 2015, Week 24

I gave up on trying to rearrange my new sewing room.  The door, closet and window placement really only allow me to have it laid out one way.  Ce la vie!

So now, I am finally sewing - which means I have started buying fabric again.  I have a shipment on its way from Ozark Fabrics, a Facebook fabric store with the best prices!  I'll tell you more about her store when my package arrives, and I count that fabric in.

Added: 1 metres

Added Year to Date: 1 metres  

Used/Given away: 4.5 metres

 Used/Given away Year to Date: 20 metres

Added for 2015: -19.0 metres

Added: I'm starting planning my Christmas gifts, and I couldn't resist this!  It will be perfect as a liner for a basket or tote for some of my friends.

Used:  I've made some summer outfits for the grands.  It's Zoey's 4th birthday and later today, I'll be heading over for the party.  I made her and her little sister, Mya, coordinated outfits (Zoey loves it when they dress the "same", much to her mother's chagrin).



And of course, Alex couldn't be left out:

Shark shorts! He had to have them right away to wear to the party.

Mr. Sassy strikes a pose:

Now I'm off to the party!  A pool full of 1 to 6-year-olds - wish me luck!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Stash Report 2015, Week 18

Just a bit of mending makes for a very boring report. I've decided that I don't like the setup in my new sewing room so today I'm tearing it apart and starting over.

I made this pillowcase for Zoey at Christmas (her Gramma Goodie Bag), and before I could give it to her, my Daisy dog ate a hole in it about the size of a quarter. She used that hole to get at the chocolate inside and managed to open every package through that tiny hole! (She was fine afterwards, by the way).  I finally got around to fixing it this week by fusing the hole shut and adding a triple pocket that she can put her Frozen dolls in.

Then I made another mini-design board (a la Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet):

I'm going to make a few more, then I'll show you what I'm going to with my collection!

So, only a quarter metre out, but at least it's something.

Added: 0 metres

Added Year to Date: 0 metres  

Used/Given away: .25 metres

 Used/Given away Year to Date: 15.5 metres

Added for 2015: -15.5 metres

Linking to Judy's Stash Report at

More small accomplishments:

I added my Ikea buttons to my sewing room!

I found my mom's cow bell when I was unpacking and hung it on the sewing room door handle.  This hung for many years on my mom's sewing room door to warn her if one of the grandchildren was going where they shouldn't and I thought I should carry on the tradition!

I have ho idea where she got it, most likely at a garage sale (she loved to go garage saleing!)

And I got a new "TV" for my bedroom armoire!

Alex decided I needed one since I haven't replaced the old one!

I've been feeling out of sorts with the chaos in my sewing room, so I need to set some small goals to help me get back on track.  I also need to make some serious headway on clearing out the UFOs and WIPs, before I start too many more.
  I like the way Barbara of Cat Patches does hers monthly with goals and bonus points ;o), so I'm going to give that a shot!

Flimsies and Quilting

1.  This Super Mario Quilt is my number one priority.  It's a gift for my sister's oldest grandson and has been languishing for far too long.

I have 3 of 6 blocks done (I made mine larger than Angela's) and the 4th is half-way finished, so I should be able to finish it this month. I made him this pillowcase and he already has that, so I really want to get this in his hands soon.

2.  This quilt is a house-warming gift for a friend - again, long overdue.  It is basted and ready for quilting. I finally decided to quit waiting for my FMQ skills to improve and just go for it!

WIPs (Works in Progress)

4. About a month before my niece was due with her first child, I realized I didn't have a boy quilt ready.  I had a girl one almost finished, but as she didn't know the gender, I figured I should have a second one at least started.  I've had this Debbie Mumm Noah's Ark fabric for about 15 years, and have always wanted to do a medallion quilt, so I got a good start on it.

I got it as far as this before Baby Eloise made her arrival!  I've decided to keep at it, and use it to practice some new techniques.  First up, I have to design some cornerstones for this round, because I don't like the way these borders finished up. I'll share more about how I got this far later this week!

Leaders and Enders

4.  As I work on the above projects, I will focus on my Grand Illusion quilt pieces.
I still haven't finished Step 1! (Pardon the poor colours)

This free Bonnie Hunter is about to be retired for future publishing, so if you haven't already downloaded it, you might want to check it out!

Bonus Points

5. Just for fun, and like Barbara, if I get bored or actually finish all the above projects, I'll dig through my UFOs each month and try to get through them. 

Check in around the 1st of June to see if this helped me progress just a little.